Supplemental Benefits

Some Cats and Dogs Need a little extra TLC 

One size never fits all when it comes to the well-being of your non-human friends. If a basic unexpected illness or injury plan doesn’t give you the peace of mind you need, we’ve got all kinds of optional add-on benefits for any policy. From prescription medication coverage to post-surgery rehabilitation, we’ve got everything you need. 

Supplemental Benefits Explained

Impact Pets is here to give your four-legged loved ones all the medical care they need tailored to your personal needs and budget. That’s why we offer supplemental benefits to provide extra coverage for costs that aren’t covered by standard health insurance policies. 

What Benefits Are Available?

All supplemental benefits are restricted to the treatment of an otherwise eligible condition.

Office Visits & Examination Fees

Coverage for all examinations performed by veterinarians for pets that meet the eligible condition requirements. This coverage includes and is not limited to:


  • Office Visits/Office Calls
  • Exams
  • Check-ups
  • Physicals
  • Consultations
  • After Hour fees
  • Referrals
  • Rechecks

Take Home Prescription Medications

This benefit is used to cover the prescriptions given by your veterinarian that are necessary for your pet’s health. This coverage is limited to items listed on our FORMULARY OF COVERED MEDICATIONS. Drugs, medications, or treatments administered by a Veterinarian in a clinic for treatment of an eligible Condition are part of the our underlying coverage and do not require this Supplemental Benefit. The coverage includes:


  • Prescriptions
  • Over the counter medications
  • Supplements
  • Remedies and Treatments

Rehabilitation, Acupuncture, and Chiropractic Care

Also known as physical therapy or rehabilitative services, this option is perfectly suited for pets that may need treatment of physical impairments or disabilities to help improve their mobility and functional movements. Treatment options to help with these types of conditions include and are limited to:


  • Acupuncture or Electro-acupuncture
  • Chiropractic care
  • E-Stim therapy
  • Treadmill therapy
  • Laser therapy
  • Therapeutic and Range of Motion exercises
  • Stretching
  • Joint mobilization
  • Gait training
  • Therapeutic Ultrasound therapy
  • Cryotherapy or Heat Therapy

Routine Pet Care Coverage

This coverage is an optional endorsement that you can add on to your pet’s annual policy. Think of it as a yearly spending account you put money into to use toward regular, out-of-pocket veterinary costs. It’s an excellent way to get reimbursed for the things your already do to keep your pet healthy.



  • Rabies vaccination
  • Flea and tick prevention
  • Heartworm prevention
  • Vaccinations/Titer
  • Annual wellness exam
  • Heartworm test or FELV screen
  • Blood, fecal, parasite exam
  • Microchipping
  • Urinalysis or ERD
  • Deworming